Monday, September 26, 2005

This first post serves to explain and introduce the blog. Many persons die unnoticed, without next of kin to claim the body. Officials attempt to find relatives but find none. This blog is an effort to find family for the unclaimed dead.

I thank the Coroner's Office of San Bernardino County, California. It was their site,, that gave me hope and a way to help. I'm sure they won't mind me borrowing a few of their words to promote their site and what it aspires to do.

"The purpose of this web site is to provide information to the public regarding a deceased loved one for whom next of kin has never been located. Coroner’s Departments, Medical Examiner’s offices and Sheriff’s departments throughout the United States oftentimes conduct an investigation for which a deceased persons identity is known, however due to various reasons, family member(s) could not be located... ANY AGENCY WISHING TO INPUT DATA INTO THIS SYSTEM IS REQUESTED TO E-MAIL THE CORONER AT: OR TELEPHONE HIM AT (909) 387-2981."

My goal is to take data from the San Bernardino site, and other other similar source that wishes to cooperate with me, and do research to place the dead in a family setting. I'm a genealogist, and my resources are public records available on the Internet.

If you know of any person or office that might want to cooperate in this effort, please let me know.


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