Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Patrick was born 17 MAR 1933, according to one public record, and was apparently named for the patron saint of the day, St. Patrick. In 2005 he was listed at 1746 West 127Th St, Riverdale, Cook County, Illinois. He died a bit later at home, at 16352 Orange Way, Fontana, (San Bernardino County), CA 92335. The Social Security Death Index says he was born 19 JAN 1933, which takes away the St. Patrick's Day connection, but adds that he got his SSN in IL before 1951. Twenty-five other BENTKOWSKIs got their SSNs in IL. Several were old enough to be the parents of Patrick.

There were 39 BENTKOWSKIs in the 1930 census of Illinois. All were in Cook County (Chicago area). The heads of household, and possible parents of Patrick, were: Andrew and Monica; Stanley and Antonia; Frank and Nettie (voted Most Likely parents); Anthoney and Julia; and Frank and Frances.

Let me know if any of this rings a bell.


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