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Denver Carlton AYER

Denver was born 16 AUG 1907 in Humboldt County, California, and died 14 DEC 1999 in San Bernardino, CA. His mother's maiden name was WOOD.

In the 1920 federal census, his family was in Emeryville, Alameda County, CA, at 4289 Watts Street. The head of household was mother Dorthy [sic] AYER, a widow, age 39, born in Engand. The census says she has no occupation and that she came to the US in 1906 but was naturalized in 1905. That's only possible if she was naturalized overseas. The children in the home are Denver, 12; August, 12; Dorthy [sic], 9; and Hazel, 6. They were all born in CA to a father from CA.

Dorothy H. AYER, sister of Denver, was born 19 JUN 1910 in Alameda County, CA. The index says her mother's maiden name was MOOD. WOOD is more likely. An unnamed female AYER child was born in Alameda County on 13 AUG 1906 to a mother named WOOD. I found no record of the births of August and Hazel.

The 1910 census of Ward 1, Oakland, Alameda County, CA shows John C. AYER (31, md once, 4 yrs), born in California to a father from English-speaking Canada and a mother from Virginia. He was a sailor on the "deep sea". His wife Dorothy F. (29) was from England, the mother of one child, Denver C., (2) who is recorded as a daughter.

Dorothy (the daughter) apparently married a Mr. LYMAN in California, as her death record shows that Dorothy Helen LYMAN, born 19 JUN 1910, maiden name AYER and mother's maiden name WOOD, died 21 MAR 1982 in Los Angeles.

Since we can't find relatives through Denver's siblings, let's try his father's family. They appear in the 1880 census of Bodega Township, Sonoma County, CA, in ED 132, page 23. The father is John AYER, age 39 (so born about 1841) in Canada to parents from Canada or Vermont. (Canada is written with VT above it.) The mother is Vesta, age 32, from Tennessee, with a father from TN and the mother's birthplace not given. The children were Helen G., age 2, born in CA, and our John C., age 1, also born in CA. We've seen what we can about John C.

In the 1900 census, the family was in Blue Lake Village, Mad River Twp., Humboldt County, CA, ED 29, sheet 11A. John AYER was born in JUN 1840 in Canada to parents from Vermont. He was a carpenter. He and Vesta have been married 23 years. Vesta was born APR 1848 in Tennessee to a father from Virginia and a mother from Tennessee. The children in the home are: Frederick G., JUN 1882; Thadius L., MAY 1886; and Edgar, SEP 1890, all born in CA.

In 1910, Vesta is a widow, age 61, in the Seventh Township of Contra Costa County, CA, ED 172, sheet 11B. With her are Thadios, 23, a carpenter, and Edgar N., 19, a clerk in a railroad office.

Edgar N. AYER, born 30 SEP 1890 in CA, died 11 JUL 1974 in San Francisco.
Frederick Yancy AYER, born 22 JUN 1882 in CA, died 10 JAN 1981 in Humboldt County, CA. His mother's maiden name was given as NICHOLS.

In 1930, Edgar N. AYER, 39 (married at 29), a printer of bill posters, born in California to a father from Canada and a mother from Tennessee, is in Burlingame City, San Mateo County, CA, ED 6, sheet 8B. With him are his wife, Helen C., 32 (married at 22), born in California to parents from CA, and their children, Eugene C., 8; and Barbara H., 5. Also in the house is brother-in-law Fred C. HOCK, 22, of CA. The other siblings aren't found in the index of the 1930 census.

Helen Claire AYER, born 25 JUL 1897 in CA, died 09 AUG 1980 in San Francisco. Her mother's maiden name was given as SCHROTH. Fred Charles HOCK, born 04 DEC 1907 in CA, died 28 MAY 1985 in San Mateo County, CA. His mother's maiden name was also given as SCHROTH.

Eugene C. AYER was born 30 APR 1921 in San Francisco County, CA. Mother's maiden name: HOOK [sic]. He died 12 OCT 1995 in Bozeman, Gallatin County, Montana. Barbara H. AYER, born 10 SEP 1924 in San Francisco County, CA. Mother's maiden name: HOCK.

That's a lot of information, but it hasn't given us a living relative to poor Denver. Here's hoping theat these pieces to a connection, so he won't be forgotten.


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